We Have Been Fortifying Beautiful Homes, Apartments and Businesses In
Brooklyn Since 1983...All Of Our Security Window Gate Installations Are
Customized For Your Needs. No Intruder Has EVER Penetrated One Of Our
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Custom Security Window Gates In Brooklyn









Our Service Is Simple: 
We Design and Install Custom Security Window Gates.
Need An Estimate?…Call Us Now At 718 755-3034
Our Facilities are Headquartered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. We service all of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. We are a Fully mobile service..We go to your installation location. We bring photos and small gate samples to show you our high quality manufacturing standards. We Design your Security Window Gate installation according to your Security and Safety Requirements…And Your Visual Preferences…
 Click HERE FOR PHOTOS Of Some Of Our Installations.
  Have Any Questions? Call Us Now At 718-755-3034….
Most Companies Design And Install Security Window Gates INCORRECTLY…
All Security Installations (Potentially of Life and Death importance ) Must be done Correctly the FIRST TIME…Safe, Strong and Decorative. We have been Installing Security Window Gates and Window Bars in Brooklyn since 1983. We take Pride in doing EVERY Installation Perfectly and Correctly the First Time…
While walking and driving notice All of the messy, poorly designed window gate installations on peoples homes done by other companies.
When we are called to replace existing window gates installed by other companies we are AMAZED at how easy it is for us to remove these window gates with simple hand tools due to poor installation methods. Intruders could have removed those poorly installed window gates just as easily… Call Us to Avoid a potentially bad, unsecure installation.  
Typical Security Window Gate Installations Are:

*Rear First Floor and Basement Windows in Private Homes… 

*Replacement of Potentially Hazardous non-opening Window Gates with Keyless Decorative Security Gates that open immediately for emergency exit. 

*Installing Window Gates with a "Box or Cage" allowing an air conditioner to be safely placed that Window. 

*Fire Escape Window Gates – Our Fully Legal, Decorative Fire Escape Window Gates Allow Immediate Emergency Exit, Requiring No Key.

*Vulnerable Windows Close To and Near Fire Escapes, Terraces and Roofs… Yes, Intruders crazily climb into nearby unprotected windows, even from upperfloor Fire Escapes, Terraces and Nearby Roofs.  We've seen these "SpiderMan" types of Burglaries occur as high as the 7th floor…Intruders sometimes use ropes to enter windows.
The sad part about our industry is that the MAJORITY of our clients traditionally Don't call us until AFTER an intruder has gotten into their home (A more Tragic version of "Closing the Barn Door after the Horse has gotten out"). After a Home Intrusion takes place All a victim could to do is Avoid a Repeat of that Expensive and Frequently Devastating Crime.  
Use your imagination. We Have seen it…These Crimes could easily have been avoided by being Proactive and Protecting Vulnerable entrances…
If you are Weary of any UNPROTECTED point of entry to your Home or Business…PROTECT THAT ENTRANCE NOW!!!
Alarm Systems:
Alarm Systems are a good security tool but are not an effective visual deterrent to an intruder like Window Gates are. Remember, Alarm Systems only work AFTER the Intruder is Already IN the Home…Alarm systems are only one integral facet of comprehensive Home and Business Security. 
We do notice a HIGH INCREASE in the number of Security Window Gate installations in 2010 over the First Half of 2009 commensurating with the High percentage of Increased Burglaries this year….
In our own Local Precinct (The NYPD 68th in Bay Ridge) Year 2010, as of 5/16/2010 Burglaries are UP a STAGGERING 35.1% Percent OVER the first 5 months of 2009…
Check Your Local Precinct's Increased Crime Statistics Here:
Our Longtime Brooklyn Enterprise is the Installation of Strong, Decorative Security Window Gates and Window Bars…
We Also Give You Priceless PEACE OF MIND… 


To Your Security and Peace Of Mind…

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